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Electronic Data Breaches
Considering the endless advancement of technology, one event that has arisen as one of the largest risks to small businesses is a data breach. Extra protection can help you finance expenses associated with a data breach, from detection costs to notification expenses. This is especially important as more employees are working from home and data becomes increasingly digital.
Business Interruption
Securing business interruption coverage ensures that your business is protected from loss of income due to closing or rebuilding after a disaster. Many businesses are forced to completely shut down operations during construction, which can do unrecoverable damage to your brand and employees' trust in you and the business.
Property Losses
Property is often a small business owner's largest asset. Therefore, for the sake of long-term success, it is important to protect against property losses.
Liability Losses
No matter how well you may plan, running a small business is full of unexpected surprises. Regardless of if the claims brought against your business are true or not - you want to be ready. Lawsuits related to product liability can decimate a small company's bank account quickly.
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